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MSA-301: Microsoft Access Level 3

This one-day course provides students with advanced features of Microsoft Access.

Prior to attending this class, students should have the following experience:

  • Understanding of the basic concepts involved in working with a personal computer (PC)
  • Familiarity with the Windows interface
  • Microsoft Access - Level 1 and Level 2, or equivalent knowledge

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Make select queries more versatile and useful by using parameters.
  • Use action queries to update data values and add or delete records.
  • Generate different query types by creating various types of joins between tables.
  • Use crosstab queries to summarize data.
  • Use advanced form features including properties, functions, and design tools to facilitate data entry and improve accuracy in forms.
  • Display table information that has a one-to-many relationship by creating forms that contain subforms.
  • Automate tasks by creating macros to open forms and control form properties.
  • Make forms more functional by using macros to provide user interaction and automate data entry.
  • Make reports more concise and easier to understand by using properties and functions in report controls.
  • Create mailing labels.
  • Use Internet-related Access tools by inserting hyperlinks and using the Web toolbar.
  • Integrate Access data with other Microsoft Office applications.


  1. Parameter and Action Queries
  2. Query Joins and Crosstab Queries
  3. Using Advanced Form Techniques
  4. Creating Basic Macros to Automate Forms
  5. Using Macros to Provide User Interaction and Automate Tasks
  6. Web Capabilities and Data Integration
  7. Web Capabilities and Data Integration