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TCL-101: Beginning Tcl/TK

This three-day programming class provides programmers the knowledge to create Tcl/TK scripts. Students will develop experience to automate system tasks via hands-on programming exercises in conjunction with the lecture.

Prior to attending this class, students should have the following experience:

  • Programming experience in a structured language (C, C++, Java, Cobol) is required.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Use scalar, list and array variables.
  • Manipulate strings.
  • Use regular expressions to search for and replace sub-strings within a string.
  • Use flow control statements such as if, while, switch, for and foreach.
  • Create and use procedures including handling the scope of variables.
  • Control the file system and processes from within a Tcl script.
  • Define the concepts behind creating graphical applications.
  • Describe what widgets are and how to create them.
  • Create menus and sub-menus.
  • Use pack to organize widgets.


  1. Introduction to Tcl/Tk
  2. Tcl Basics
  3. Variables
  4. Lists
  5. Arrays
  6. Strings
  7. Regular expressions
  8. Flow control
  9. Procedures
  10. File & Processing Handling
  11. TK Basics
  12. Widgets
  13. Menus
  14. Pack